Restoring old english backsaw

Last Sunday I was on antiques fair near my home town. I’m trying to go there every month, but well… life gets in the way. Previously I bought good quality wooden jointer plane and grooving plane with adjustable fence, both required a little work here and there, but overall were in good condition, so i decided to go there again. After hour long walk between stands with many different items i saw part of the blade and a wedge behind few bigger items. I found that my eye tuned to find woodworking tools in such places, even between, under or behind many other items.

Indeed it was a plane, one that i don’t own yet and have no clue how to use it… ok, I know what it’s used for, but never had one. It was chisel plane. After checking it’s condition i decided that it’s almost intact, little rust spots on the blade and hammer marks in the body, judging from the blade covered partly in paint it wasn’t very old tool, It had “ULMIA” stamped on the blade and on the body. It was a buy, but there was something much more interesting lying close to the plane – backsaw, rusted, heavy backsaw with massive back, faded and a little eaten handle.


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Marking combination gauge (regular & mortise gauge)

For some, here in Poland, that was longer weekend, thankfully for me too, so it’s time to make another important tool in workshop – marking gauge. I was inspired by this project:

Marking Gauge by Ben Sandness

But due to lack of materials (i couldn’t even find anything resembling this Inca T-track here in Poland) i had to think of something else. I will show you how to make mortise marking gauge. (more…)

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Quick release vise

37º C, the worst heat this year. The choice is from a whole day at the small pool by the house, or quick road trip with air conditioning along the way. Water was tempting, but not for whole day, and I found the potentially well-supplied hardware store very close to me. At the end of the shopping I visited the said store, amount of tools and price range was great, prices were reasonable both for cheaper tools and those from “top shelf”, although I have not found what I was looking for.

But to the point, my better half said that right next door is second-hand store with wide variety of items, which we rarely have the opportunity to visit, so we started from there. When my Wife was watching furniture, cups and whatever can be found in there, I glanced at the tools section. A few things caught my attention, and when I reached the end of the exhibition, I saw a vice! (more…)

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How to make adjustable router plane

I have tried to create all sorts of connections in wood (so far there is nothing worth to show) or some kind of inlays. Most often the main problem was that it was not straight. Using only a saw and chisel can limit starting woodworker. I missed one tool to make this problem go away: router plane.

After many weeks of thinking how to do it i finally tried my skills and got to work. Plane blade was ready for some time, using old grinding wheel I ground off the bottom half of the Allen key maintaining approximately 5° angle towards the heel. Blade was ready, so i’ve started planning, and I have approached this project ambitiously, because it will be a plane with adjustable depth of cut.


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Woodworking in small workshop

Hi, my name is Bartosz, i’m woodworking amateur since only a year or so. I was doing some things in wood earlier, but it was not too deeply thought out, nor too pretty, I did something simple things from plywood when there was a need and that’s all. One day I took over backyard workshop after my father in-law (it was actually more of a 2×4 meters room full of tools that was part of the end of the outbuildings on the plot). Then i started to make stuff.


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